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Fee Schedule

Many business operations require obtaining a permit from EHD prior to the operation’s beginning. For example, putting in a new well for your farm, or selling food from a food  wagon. Other businesses pay fees to EHD to conduct inspections of their business on a regular basis, to ensure that the business is operating within Federal, State and County regulations and laws.

To determine what your business needs to do, find the EHD program which pertains to your business and print out the appropriate permit application. Fill out the application completely and then bring it to the EHD office with the appropriate fees.

EHD Hourly Rate is now $139 per hour – effective August 1, 2016


Effective Sepember 1, 2016, all new domestic water wells shall be sampled by the EHD for bacterial and chemical analysis. Sample costs to be submitted at the time of new/replacement domestic well permit.